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What is better multifunction laser Printer or ink Printer?

There are exceptions that even being ink, people use PageWide. Which is a process similar to that used by laser printers, such as the HP PageWide Pro 477DW Printer that has the speed of a laser, duty cycle and maximum resolution of a laser even though it is ink. .


The most important thing before buying a printer is to ask yourself the right questions, duty cycle, what type of printing are you going to do, how, from where, this will define much better what printer you need.

Which is better multifunction laser or ink Printer

As can be seen in the table above, ink printers tend to have cheaper prices, are slower and have better printing resolution, but less sharpness, which makes them better for gradients and color fills in images or photographs. but with letters and lines not defined.

From our point of view there is no one better than another, they are machines that can be used for the same thing but that are clearly designed for different things.

Ink printer or laser printer: which one to choose?

In general terms, this table clearly and concisely summarizes the differences between both technologies.


At Printer Help, we are in favour of what we call the perfect printing combo, this is composed of a multifunction ink printer and a monochrome laser, and this provides the ability to print quality photographs, as well as digitize documents, while you can print large volumes of very sharp text. at high speed.

Enjoying the best advantages at all times.

For an individual who does not print a lot of text, simply an ink multifunction is better.

For a business that prints more than 2,000 pages, a color laser MFP

Laser or ink printer for home?

If you want the best printer for home, the easiest answer is inkjet, but with teleworking and with the jobs that can be sent to school, institute and university, it is best that you look at this best printer buying guide for the home in which we give all the keys

Now that we have a bit clearer about the advantages and disadvantages of each one, we will delve into the situation.

Ink printer or laser printer?

When buying a printer, it is advisable to previously analyze which model we are going to acquire (laser or inkjet). To know if we are going to make the right choice, nothing better than to analyze the pros of each one.

Buying a printer depends on our needs. Laser printers are mainly used in the business sector while inkjet devices have their main business focus in the home environment. However, this does not mean that a home does not have to work with a laser printer. Everything will depend, as we said at the beginning, on the needs that we present.

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For this reason, below we are going to make an analysis of both proposals, so that from the information provided you can draw your own conclusions about the option that best suits you.

Speed, quality and price

In the case of the laser printer, we can talk about several strengths. Perhaps the strongest of all is the ink savings, as their toners have large amounts of powdered ink, a situation that allows you to print multiple copies without having to replace them.

Likewise, we highlight among its advantages the printing speed. You must bear in mind that laser printers work very quickly, although the user must wait for his fuser to heat up before starting to print the first copy.

For its part, the ink printer has among its most positive points the price of the equipment. In fact, whatever the model, an inkjet printer is always going to be cheaper than a laser.

Similarly, another strong point of this type of printer is the quality of the copies. If what you are looking for is the quality of the printing, especially in the case of images, it is best to opt for an inkjet printer. We can always find laser printers on the market with high quality and realistic image reproduction, but this second group is still ahead of them.

With all this we have paved the way around the choice of the type of printer you are going to buy. Ultimately, everything will depend on the number of documents you are going to print, as well as their format. Therefore, you can also consider other alternatives. Sharing expenses between several users is one of the most widespread and, for now, the opinions are mostly positive.

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Despite the rise of the Internet and new technologies, the truth is that conventional printing continues to pull the consumer bandwagon. This is what emerges from a study by Rec-Line, in which it is concluded that for now the profits that it shows to customers as well as the competition that 3D printing represents and the speed of digital printing do not affect printers.

In fact, according to this document, 60% of users prefer ink printing over laser printing. A fact that shows the good health that the sector is going through in our country, where in the last year there has been an increase in the sale of multifunction equipment of 5%.

However, research reveals that the sale of laser MFPs has increased in recent months, outpacing inkjet ones. The reason? The strong pull of the color laser versus monochrome. Although in the case of households inkjet printing is still the favorite.

A penchant for which users put forward various reasons. First of all, because of the price of ink cartridges, since buying cheap cartridges is usually an easy activity to do, which makes the user decide on the first one whenever we talk about printing at home.

In this sense, and although the price of alternative toner makes the purchase of laser printing equipment more accessible thanks to its cheaper maintenance, in turn competitiveness has grown in recyclable cartridges, which have been configured as an alternative option to the original cartridges.

In fact, according to this company, three ink cartridges per printer are changed throughout the year. This behavior by users implies an average annual expense close to 70 euros. For its part, in the case of printers that carry toner this investment increases to almost 100 euros.

Similarly, there is an increasingly important trend on the part of customers based on respecting the environment. And, specifically, about 60% of users prefer the inkjet system over toner and laser printing due to the commitment of these models to recyclable cartridges.

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