We at your printer help sell a wide range of printers and computer accessories online.

Your printer help ensures that we get the product & services delivered at the best.

Our mission:

It is been 4 years since we have started selling our products online. Our main focus has always been to put our customers on priority.

Our after sales support staff’s aim is to resolve customers queries and establish a better relationship with them.

We always do honest business and encourage best customer service practice.

Our team appreciates all our our customers and thank you for doing business with us.

Hours of operation are:

                                       Monday – Friday 8:00AM to 5:00PM, Eastern Standard Time (EST)

                                       Closed – Saturdays and Sundays.


For information and to SUBSCRIBE NOW to the Best Online Printer Help Service.

call TOLL FREE 1 -870 – 484 – 4525.  


Some of the most common problems which your printer can encounter and which can easily be fixed by an expert technician are:

  • Printer communication error
  • Printer not printing
  • Printing process is too slow
  • Printer not detected
  • Printer is offline
  • Printer spooler error
  • Cannot find Printer Drivers
  • Printer printing blurred
  • Set up printer wirelessly
  • Various scanning problems

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