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Inkjet printers – Personal and Home Printers – HP Inkjet printers

Inkjet printers are the best-selling printers in homes and the most recommendable. In Printer Help website As we are specialists in cheap cartridges for printers we recommend whether it ends up deciding on an ink printer see the price per copy of the original cartridges and compatible cartridges if you have them, so as not to take you an unpleasant surprise in the future.

What is an inkjet printer?

A printer is a peripheral device that connects to a computer or other device, with the intention of producing texts and graphics in physical media, such as – paper. In the case of the inkjet printer this procedure is performed by color drops. Be it black, magenta, cine or yellow.


The inkjet printer enters the category of unhepless printers, since it does not require blows to print.

When printers are treated, no doubt the most remarkable is the inkjet printer. Currently this type of printer is the best selling in the world, especially models “all in one” (all in one) that give you: photocopier, scanner, printer and fax on the same device.

In today’s post we will talk about the inkjet printer. Handling in its operation, origin, advantages and disadvantages as opposed to other types of printer and will discover myths and truths about their ink cartridges. Enter in the curious story of the best-selling printer in the world …

Inkjet printers your birth inspired by a Coffee

Many of the machines and objects that we use today to make certain tasks were a serendipia. Yes, a fortunate finding while looking for something else, for example:

The creation of the microwave oven

In 1946, Engineer Percy Spencer was dedicated to an investigation about a radar with a vacuum tube. Fortuitously, during said investigative program, the engineer noted that a sweet that he carried in his pocket was melted near a magnetron.

The above, Spencer seemed very fascinating and in the scientific curiosity he wanted to see that he could do. Spencer performs a series of tests, first places a frying pan with an egg. The result is amazing: a fully cooked egg in a few minutes.

Then, Spencer did something that would define the story, took a container with popcorn and approached the generator. Surprised the engineer saw that the popcorn had burst.

At this point Eureka! It is discovered that exposure to low intensity electromagnetic microwave is capable of heating food. In a few words the microwave was born.

The lucky creation of penicillin

What would you believe if I told you that one of the most important discoveries in history occurred by the forgetful nature of its inventor. In 1928 the Nobel Alexander Fleming Prize returned to his laboratory after a month of vacation, when he enters discovers a series of Petri plates with crops.

Fleming’s first action is to start is to wash said plaques, but a colleague visits it. The inventor explains to the partner in what he is working. He takes some of the plates that have not been washed and places them under the microscope Eureka! A fungus was finishing the bacteria. At that time, Gestar penicillin begins, one of the most important medical discoveries in the world.

The best selling in the world: Coca-Cola

For years, Coca-Cola has been boost of its secret formula is that, this famous refreshment is one of the best selling in the world. However, its origin is more fortunate than you think.

In 1886 the pharmacist John S. Pemberton was proposed to create a syrup. The idea was to invent a formula that will help fight the problems of digestion, but at the same time contributed energy. To achieve the above, Pemberton joined the extract of Kola’s coca and nuts leaves and, his assistant (by mistake) places carbonated water Eureka! After some adaptations, Coca-Cola is born.

In short, a large part of the inventions were created by mere chance; While something else was sought. However, the inkjet printer has a particular story, this was inspired by a coffee.

Origin of the inkjet printer

The inkjet printer is the creation of one of the giants in this type of artifacts: Hewlett Packard or the best known as HP.

The idea came from an HP company engineer in 1979, this saw as an electric coffee machine without the need for moving parts, using only thermal energy and a heater was able to move the water. This fact sowed an idea in his head. It would be possible to move ink to a sheet of paper using heat, as it did a coffee machine with water.

Yes, the idea of ​​the inkjet printer was born in the wake of a coffee …

With this idea in mind HP aimed at developing the first inkjet printer and in 1984 the HP Thinkjet was released. This printer used a thermal process to transmit small drops of ink to paper. It is more important to emphasize that this innovation displaced the noisy dot matrix printer.

HP Thinkjet

However, this printer could only print on black. They passed about 3 years to create the first color inkjet printer, also this discovery came from HP’s hand; Which in 1987 was presented as: The HP Paintjet.

The first ink injection printer was not so accessible

HP had encountered one of the best inventions of the century, however, the first printers of this type were not accessible, fast and multifunctional as we now know.

The first inkjet printer was very high and, it barely printed about two pages for minutes. The above, places it in a more professional segment and less for the home, but everything changes in 1989 when the HP Deskjet makes its successful debut.

Curiosities of the first inkjet printer

A curiosity of the first inkjet printer is that, your marketing campaign included an audio where you showed how silent the device was. It should be noted that this first artifact was not stealthy, but I would be surprised at the noise level generated by a point matrix printer.

Here you can access the audio:

Another curious fact is the price of the HP Deskjet. This was $ 995, being one of the most economical for the year 1989.

The printer is one of the most used devices worldwide and its history is full of interesting curiosities and data, but really what it is and how the inkjet printer works.

Characteristics of the inkjet printer

Inkjet printers are characterized by spraying small amounts of ink. To perform such work it is worth ink or consumable cartridges, these come in black, magenta, cine and yellow.

Something that characterizes the inkjet printers is their print quality, it is quite high and its price is lower. You can get an inkjet printer, with good print quality in just $59.01 or less.

Normally inkjet printers are usually in color, since they are very economical to produce and color suppression would not impact its price. Many of these devices have photographic quality.

They work with cartridges or consumables, commonly brings one black and three colors (cine, magenta and yellow). On old models (some new HP cartridges) came a black cartridge and a color cartridge that incorporated these three tones.

Operation of inkjet printers

Basically an inkjet printer has a print head with nozzles, the ink is distributed by the latter.

The head moves into horizontal strips by means of an engine, while the leaf moves vertically as the image is generated. Depending on the printer model this procedure takes just a few seconds.

Inkjet methods

This type of printer can inject the ink in two ways:

Thermal inkjet method

This was the first injection method inverted invented.

Fundamentally, this method is worth thermal energy, In the printer an electrical impulse goes up the temperature, which causes the ink to boil inside a camera and forms a bubble. This bubble drives the outlet of the ink by the injectors in the form of steam, which then condenses and makes a small drop of ink on paper.

This first method has a disadvantage; It limits the life of the injectors, by this reason they are usually found in the ink cartridges.

Piezoelectric inkjet method

The injectors in this case are formed by a piezoelectric element, which receives electricity so that the pressure inside the print head increases. The above, causes the inkjet ink on paper.

This method is usually better, since it is faster and does not shorten the life of the injection head.

Advantages and disadvantages of inkjet printers

Whatever the inkjet method, the printers of this type have well-marked advantages that make them a great choice, however, they also have some disadvantages.

Advantages of inkjet printers

The inkjet printer has as the main advantage its price. They are usually very economical and accessible equipment.

    Likewise, you usually get “All In One” inkjet printers or multifunction printers, which give you multiple functions (photocopier, scanner, printer and fax). So it highlights its versatility and functionality.

    Previously, inkjet printers did not equalize the speed of laser printers, but today you can get inkjet printers as fast as laser.

    Its compact size is a great advantage.

    Currently, inkjet printers have different connection options, so you can use it without cables, Fully wireless.

    In addition, the cartridges that were initially expensive but today can be replaced by compatible consumables. In this way, the cost of printing is significantly reduced.

Disadvantages of inkjet printers

The biggest disadvantage that the inkjet printer has is the price of the cartridges; This is usually very high. An original cartridge can be arranged between $11.79 to $23.58 and, depending on the workload it can be replaced monthly. However, this problem can be easily resolved by buying compatible ink cartridges.

    Individual cartridge printers are usually more economical; Since you can replace only the exhausted color. It is a disadvantage using inkjet printers with a single color cartridge.

    Inkjet printers can be unusable when you spend a lot of time if you use (around 8 months or a year), if you have sporadic printing needs it is good to weigh other options.

Despite the above, inkjet printers are an excellent option; They are economical, fast and the best: you can get economic consumables and high quality. Do not forget to interact and give us your opinion, comment what is your favorite printer type and why …

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