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How to choose the Best Printer for Home?

Single or universal printer:

If you want general purpose printing, the best option is to choose a universal printer. It is also known as Multifunction Printer (MFP).

Some additional features include a combination of scanning, copying with email scanning, and sending faxes from your computer and faxing offline.

Printers that are used in the office. Usually add an automatic document feeder to copy, scan, and / or fax multi-page documents.

Some MFPs can scan both sides of the page in one pass by scanning two-sided documents side by side, turning the page and scanning the other side, or using two sensors.

Multifunction Printer

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Laser or inkjet Printer:

In the process of determining when you will deal with it during selection, the issue of printing technology will be resolved: inkjet or laser.

Inkjet printers print in ink. Typically, they can print color photographs. But you need to consider that if you are going to take printing photos seriously, printers are not always the best option.

Manufacturers do not place top-end capabilities there, however, which are interesting devices on amateur aircraft.

Inkjet machines have a significant drawback – they need to be printed periodically so that the ink in the printer system does not dry out.

If you forget about her in summer, you can say goodbye to her by autumn. When choosing, consider this fact.

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A Laser Printer:

A laser printer is usually monochrome. It prints the toner (powder) by heating it and transferring it to paper. Laser colors are printers, but they are heavy for home.

The price of a color tool is quite high and you’ll need special paper to print photos on a laser printer, which you still need to see.

For printing photos, we recommend an inkjet printer. If the main function is abstract and reports for study, you can pay attention to monochrome laser equipment.

Its advantages-it does not swollen like an inkjet printer. It’s very easy to refuel. In general, laser printers are simple in maintenance. Minus only in its monochrome print.

Laser Printer

Printing cost

And another thing that should be kept in mind is the cost of cartridges. When buying equipment from a low price range, the cost of the cartridge for it can be an unpleasant surprise.

Sometimes the cost of the kit is equal to the cost of the printer. Compare the cost of print on a particular device.

Almost all characteristics indicate the ability of cartridges in the number of conditional pages.

If you need to print something at work, be careful with the print volume.

Often the number of prints goes along the way and you don’t see how much you print. Remember how many packs of paper you spend. In a pack of 500 sheets.

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If you are an accountant, the question of the cost of the cartridge and the possibility of refilling it will be relevant.

Color or black and white copying?

For home printers, you probably need color, but for an office model, there can be no reason for the cost of spending money on color output and servicing four color toner cartridges against a black.

Keep in mind that high-quality promotional handies can print multiple color lasers in high quality to produce handouts and brochures, which can save you money compared to printing small amounts in your local print shop.

Is printer size matters?

Be sure to look at the size of the printer and see how large some of them can be, especially with extended trays.

Even some domestic models can be uncomfortably large to share a table. Please note that some printers of small size may be quite long.

On the other hand, we see a number of growing versions that can fit into cramped spaces in apartments, home offices and dormitories.

Lexmark Prevail Pro705​

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What about the connection?

In addition to USB ports, most office printers and an increasing number of home printers include Ethernet ports, allowing you to easily use printers on the network.

Wi-Fi Direct printers can connect directly to most Wi-Fi enabled devices, even if your computer or laptop isn’t designed to support Wi-Fi Direct.

There are printers that can connect and print to a mobile device using NFC Wireless.

What about your printer Speed:

If almost everything you print takes one or two pages, you don’t have to worry about how fast the printer is.

If you print a lot of long documents, speed is more important, which means you probably need a laser printer.

As a rule, laser printers will be close to the declared speed for simple text documents that don’t require too much processing time.

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