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5 Factors on How to Determine the Best Color Photo Printer

How to Determine the Best Color Photo Printer

How to do you determine the best color photo printer? It’s hard to do so without a guide or a set of factors to base your judgment upon. In order to make a judgment with a solid basis, here are some factors which you can use to determine the best color photo printer.

Factor #1: Printing Mechanism

There are two printing mechanisms that are ideal for photo printing: inkjet and dye sublimation. For everyday home photo and general printing needs, inkjet printers are best to use.

But for professional photo printing, dye sublimation is much more preferable because it is capable of producing very good photos even with low resolutions of 300 dpi.

An inkjet printer with a resolution of 4,800 dpi and a dye sublimation printer with a resolution of 300 dpi are comparably equal in quality.

Best Color Photo Printer

Factor #2: Resolution

As stated above, the resolution of the photo printer plays a big part in the printout quality of the photo. For inkjet printers, the best resolutions that the printer should have are 4,800 to 9,600 dpi.

For dye sublimation printers, 300 dpi is enough to make excellent quality printers. But there are some dye sublimation printers which can have resolutions up to 330 dpi.

Factor #3: Number of Ink Colors

For inkjet printers, this is a very important factor in the overall quality of photo printouts. Firstly, inkjet printers paint images onto paper, which is why ink plays a vital role in producing very accurate and detailed photos.

The more inks a printer has, the more color-rich, vibrant, and precise the photos that it prints will be. If you compare the digital image on the screen of the computer and the printout of the printer, you will see very little difference, and sometimes you won’t even see any, if the number of inks is high.

Some inkjet printers have as many as 12 ink colors, each with a specific use or purpose.

Best Color Photo Printer

Factor #4: Number of Nozzles

This is another important factor in determining the quality of an inkjet printer. Inkjet printers use nozzles which serve as the paintbrushes which paint the images onto paper.

If a printer has more nozzles, this makes the device a much more accurate, detailed printer. It can emphasize even the smallest details on the image, the slightest changes in the colors of the photo, the most intricate shades and shadowing.

Some inkjet printers have as few as around 1,000 nozzles while there are others which are as many as 7,000 nozzles.

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Factor #5: Direct Photo Printing Features

The direct photo printing features of a printer include PictBridge and USB connectivity, memory card slots, infrared connectivity, Bluetooth connectivity, and other possible methods that make printing from a direct source easier using the printer.

You don’t need to use a computer anymore to be able to print photos. You just need to connect the various media which can be supported by the printer and use the printer’s ease of use features to navigate and operate it.

The LCD display and the control panel allow you to manipulate the device, edit photos, and print them in a cinch.


The best color photo printer can be measured in different ways, but only by using these factors will you really be able to make a fair judgment. Following these, you can get the most ideal photo printer that you’re looking for.

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